Grok – \’grak\ – to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.

Keeping Feet Warm:

If you’re hammocking there are several ways to keep your feet warm through the night…

1.Make sure you have something separating feet from wind.

-a mat or pad or second pair of socks

2. Sleep with a hot water bottle.

-this will stay warm and can cook your breakfast overnight (oatmeal)

3. Do something aerobic just before bed.

-some jumping jacks or push-ups work nicely to help circulation and raies BT

Doing Laundry:

If you’re trying to hand-wash your clothes to save energy or money…

1. Know that it requires effort, time, sunshine, and/or special equipment.

2. Think about buying a mobile-washer or 3 buckets.

-these options are $20 or less and help, help, help! the washing process.

3. Think about a detergent alternative.

-most eco-soaps work for dish and body washing as well as clothes and are great for the Earth too.

4. Drying can be nearly impossible if you live in Seattle or have things to do.

-think about getting a travel clothesline or testing out a Vapper.

Making a Tarp:

If you’re trying to make a water-proof tarp for blocking wind and rain and volcanic ash…

1. Research what material will serve your purpose.

-I settled with silicon coated ripstop nylon because of its light weight.

2. Fold edges twice, about quarter width size folds, then sew down each edge.

-Use paper clips to hold the edges in place.

3. Sew ribbon to each of the 4 corners to make loops to run line through so you can pull your tarp tight.

-An alternative method, if you have money or don’t want to sew.

4. Use P-cord or some kind line to make a taunt tent shape with your tarp.

-Angle it strategically to the wind; you don’t want to create a wind tunnel.





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