“Could you tell me where the bathroom is?”

“Goals that aren’t written down are just dreams.” -Terry from the Men’s Shelter

“This rice milk is good. I mean, it’s not good, but it’s good enough to make me think that we can make it good.” -Caleb on the first batch

The environment and its conditions can become prey to be hunted, a riddle to be solved, a friend to be loved.

Words, like salt, can be sprinkled on moments to bring out the flavor.

Kindness tends to be comfortable and convenient, but compassion requires courage.

Think again, if you only think of things in blacks and whites.

On the other side of the risk’s discomfort, lies growth.

Don’t think of people in terms of what you can get from them. People are never a means to an end, they are always an end in themselves.

“When you cook food and have enough, cook for at least two.” -Grace on sharing food

Let other people know what you are feeling. It’s rewarding.

Mistakes only exist if you let them become that.

The weather, at any moment, can be a common friend or a common foe.

When creating, kill the inner-critic.

A clown nose can offer a more direct way to the heart.


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