The What

This time I’m doing something that could quite literally kill me. I’m heading across NC on my feet, just a measly 1000 miles jog in the park. I’d like to set the record also, so that means I’ve got to do it in less than 22 days and 5 hours. Anyways, people find bloggers annoying and runners annoying. The group that does both must just irk the heck out of most.

But I am not writing to annoy. Contrary, I want to share this journey to share the stories I find along the way. I want to meet every ounce of person I see on the trail. I want to make friends with all the creatures I see. I want to bathe in the natural scenery. And so, I hope to share those stories. A smile that got me through mile 14. Or a surprise cow patty that was extra soft. Or a high five with a tree branch. Or a Clif Bar that got me through the ascent at Mt. Mitchell. Or a old man that yelled something inaudible at me as I ran by shirtless.

My story is made from these stories, like veggie burgers are made from a bunch of weird colorful stuff glued together. And I am completely relying on people and nature to pop-up like whack-a-moles to get me through the tough times. And I don’t want to, rather I can’t let myself, forget that.


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