Pro Duck Tiff

Being more productive is a strange intention. Because there are moments in our life when it is entirely beneficial for us to relax. To do nothing. To be productive sounds similar to me as being a machine. We become all out about output rather than process.

However, there are moments in which I need to get shit done. And things nag at me constantly. Distraction, distraction, squirrel! Strangers walking by. Catch up conversations with acquaintances. Unwarranted internet searches. Checking my email, again and again. Thinking about food. Planning out my future. Watching how many likes my facebook status got. These are the distractions that pull us out of the moment. This is the bullshit that clouds our heads.


This is what I want to eliminate, in order to be more productive. To be able to give over-my body, mind, attention, and spirit-to whatever it is I am doing. To be more productive.


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