Finding Intention

Another Monday. And I’m thankful for weekends and new weeks. I want to set intentions for this week so that I am able to float freely, while, at the same time, attaching myself to several handrails.

First off, my findings: Last night I found a perfect banana sittin atop a full trash can, and grabbed it and raised it to the sky in a glorious moment of Lion-King-esque splendor. And three days ago, I found a 2/3 full pack of mint-melon gum sitting all by itself on the steps of the campus library. Two days ago, I found this dirt basement in a building on campus, about 12 degrees warmer  Perfect place to sleep if it gets too cold. It even has a night light of sorts that I can turn on or off.


Finding things is magical. Food, spaces, pieces of yourself. An unexpected gift. Something to be explored. A chance to be Columbus or Lewis and Clarke or any famous pioneer who now has a bad rep.

This week. I’d like to sleep outside every weekday night. Be more productive with my time. Be more transparent. Meditate each day. Learn to let my face express what I’m feeling.

Intentions prove to be effective if and only if we fasten them to direct implementation. Tie them down. Yoke ourselves to them. So, I plan on writing each day this week on one of my 5 intentions and then taking the weekend to process and plan for next week.

May my blog serve to hold me accountable.


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