Before and After

There is the famous saying out there: “you are what you eat”. I am by no means an expert on food. I have generally thought in the past that it doesn’t really matter what I eat. Pop-tarts or pizza or peanuts, I simply thought my energy level was a choice. That it fluctuated with my mood or that maybe sleep played into the equation a little bit.


But now, I’m starting to understand that what we put on our bodies is our fuel. For how well we can concentrate, for how we are sustained, for the decisions we make, for how we feel, and for our energy levels. I feel a dilemma, as always, in my pursuit. I want to learn about nutrition and how to heal my body through what I eat, but I cannot, with any kind of precision, control what I eat. And so, I will have to wait. I feel that I have a tendency to live with one foot in the future, thinking about what I want to learn next. And it’s helpful, for it pulls me along effortlessly. But, at the same time, it pulls me away from the present.

So for now, I will do the best I can-learning about foods-but I will wait for complete immersion self-experimentation.


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